DOXA is the ministry of worship through song at Epiphany Fellowship Church in Philadelphia, PA (Dr. Eric M. Mason, Founder & Lead Pastor).

The Greek word doxa (δόξα) means “glory.”  Through musically excellent psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, DOXA invites all people to behold the glory of God through Jesus Christ and respond to Him in glorious worship, as well as equip them for the work of ministry.


It is the goal of DOXA to provide theologically rich, contextually relevant, gospel-centered, God-glorifying music to, through, from, and for the urban context.  Using vintage, current, urban, and congregational music styles, and through comprehensive lifestyles of worship, the members of DOXA seek to be a living and breathing doxology to the praise of the glory of His grace.

Led by music director Aaron Johnson, DOXA fuses elements of gospel, jazz, Neo-soul, R&B, and CCM during the writing and creative process.  DOXA also adapts songs for their context, rearranging them for an expressive congregational worship experience.  DOXA understands that the church has been set apart to glorify God — both where we live and dwell and during times of corporate worship through song.

“Jesus Christ is at the center of our music” — Aaron D. Johnson, DOXA ministry leader


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