WITH SPECIAL GUEST DOXA (2/8/19 – 2/9/19)


Every marriage is guided by a set of habits.  The question is: Are they healthy habits that result in a God-honoring and joyful marriage, or are they bad habits that lead to a self-centered and strained marriage? In this new 4-lesson seminar, pastor, marriage counselor, and best-selling author Dr. Paul David Tripp will detail the necessary habits required for a healthy marriage while identifying the bad habits that need to be uprooted.

Come to the beautiful Asheville, North Carolina area on February 8-9 for Habits Of A Healthy Marriage with Dr. Tripp.  Hosted at the Arden Campus of Biltmore Church in Arden and with special musical guest DOXA leading worship, this weekend conference will help you develop a relationship of unity and love!

Can’t make this live weekend?  Purchase a streaming license instead and watch on-demand!

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