DOXA’s debut album, Centered, is available for streaming on Amazon Music, Apple Music, & Spotify, and for purchase on AmazoniTunes.

Centered means to be stable and secured.

For the believer, Jesus is the means by which we become stable and secure — not tossed and insecure.  As a worthy center, He binds all things tightly, not allowing them to be unraveled under His Sovereign protection.  In Jesus we find a secured hope, faith, love, present and future; a stable foundation, an unshakable rock, and everlasting faithfulness.  Centered is an album that seeks to remind and encourage every believer to find his or her true center in the Lord Jesus Christ.  For those who wouldn’t call Jesus their Lord and Savior, the hope is that the gospel aroma on these songs will irresistibly draw you to Jesus.

May we all find security and stability in the aromatic notes of the Christ the Lord! Colossians 1:15-23

— Dr. Eric Mason | Founder & Lead Pastor | Epiphany Fellowship Church