In this trailer, we celebrate over a decade of the Lord’s faithfulness in and through DOXA.






In this video, we sing our cover of “Jesus Is” from our Centered album.  Worship the risen Savior with us!






In this seminar, DOXA leaders Aaron and Tiffany Johnson discuss pastoral, contextual, and musical aspects of worship ministry.







In this short clip, DOXA ministry leader Aaron Johnson discusses the value of congregational singing.







In this short clip, DOXA vocal leader Tiffany Johnson discusses how “Be Exalted” can function as a corporate call to worship.






In this short documentary, Pastor Eric Mason explains what doxa means and why we chose that name.  He also articulates our reasoning for recording our Centered album and the philosophy behind DOXA’s music.






In this short video, we’ll take you through some of the moments from the live recording of our Centered album.







In this short video, Sunday morning attendees at Epiphany Fellowship react to a sermon Dr. Eric Mason preached from Psalm 34 encouraging expressive, responsive worship.